Wildflower Collective is a group of women who are all different – bringing unique strengths to the group. Our goal is by embracing who we are individually, we’ll help one another grow together. 

I was standing at my bathroom sink and curling my hair, getting ready for the day. I was thinking about different hair and makeup tutorials I’d seen–trying to figure out if a normal Tuesday was worth that much effort. Simultaneously, I was thinking about dinner (yes…at 6:45 am) and what I wanted to make. If I wanted to pull up a pinterest recipe I’d recently found, if I wanted to call Shel to see what she was making, if I wanted to just go with an old stand-by. All these thoughts together felt like 15 different browser tabs open in my brainbox.

I found myself wishing that there was a site I could go to that had it all – hair, makeup, recipes, crafts, wellness… the whole shebang in one spot. And (this was important to me) NOT just written by one blogger/self proclaimed expert on all things lifestyle related. I wanted all the lifestyle things in one spot, but written by different women–showcasing their strengths. I realized, I couldn’t think of a single site like it.

And so, like tangents have a way of doing, one thought led to another and the idea of Wildflower Collective started to take shape. BUT I was nervous. A) Would anyone else be interested? B) Who would read it?

I decided to run the idea by my friend Erin (“Erin…I think I want to do a thing.”). She came back immediately with a resounding “YES! Do it!!” I started to contact different women who, I feel, are really good at specific things and asked them (begged? Let’s say I asked hah!) if they’d be interested in writing something. Even more surprising? They said YES! After getting a few more people on board, the month started to take shape!

It’s so exciting to be here – I can’t wait for you to see all the different ideas and thoughts we have to share with you all. Please be sure to check back often! There will always be something new to share.

🙂 Thanks for visiting!

xoxo, Steph

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