Back Patio Makeover

I like it when things are pretty. It makes my heart feel happy and content. Now that we’ve been in the house for a few years, I finally had time to really look at the backyard—specifically the patio. 

It wasn’t particularly bad…. It just wasn’t the oasis I wanted it to be. We bought a patio set last summer, and while I love the pieces, the fabric choice wasn’t really what I wanted. It just wasn’t my personal style. 

We went to Menards to pick up a few grasses to replace the (very dead) boxwoods in the front yard….and I saw it. An adorable palm tree plant. Anyone who knows me knows that in my heart, I truly WANT to be a plant lady. I want my house—both indoors and outdoors— to be lush with greenery and plant life. The only problem? I am not good (yet???) with plants. I want to keep them alive and healthy, but I think I love them too much and over-water…and then I overcompensate by under-watering. I’m much better with outdoor plants. I have Mother Nature helping me…

Back to the Patio. I saw the pretty palm plant and knew I wanted her (yes, her) sitting on my back patio! The idea really took off from there. We went to Target and picked up these cushions and these pillows for the patio set. They’re standard size, and fit the furniture we already owned perfectly! We also grabbed this outdoor rug in a 5 x 7, and it gives the space a finished and purposeful look. 

Kid Stuff on the Patio

Our patio is not very large, so getting creative with furniture placement is important. I have Pippa’s playhouse on the patio, so she can feel like she has a space there. That being said, don’t be afraid to get creative with angles if you can – Pippa’s playhouse sits at a diagonal to make the space feel more welcoming and not as if her playhouse being there was an afterthought.  

Saving Square Footage in a Small Space

Dino put down paver stones next to the patio for the grill to sit on so it wasn’t taking up valuable square feet. We also have a large outdoor storage box for the cushions and that sits partially under the stairs to clear more space on the patio. 

The Equation for a Pretty Patio Space

  • Seating that makes your guests feel welcome and not as though they need to figure out where to sit on their own
  • Something green and purposeful (a potted palm, an outdoor potted arrangement)
  • Soft touches (matching cushions for furniture and maybe even an outdoor blanket like this one for chillier evenings)
  • A sturdy surface to set food and drinks
  • Storage for items you don’t want to get damaged (cushions, blankets, etc.)
  • Something to keep the bugs away (I love this Thermacell Patio Shield!)
  • Soft lighting (candles can be both pretty AND useful if they’re citronella) 

The bottom line? Think of your patio as another room in your house! Decorate it to make it feel welcoming, and you’ll want to spend more time there.

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