Trunk Club Try-On & Review

By Emily R.

This post is NOT Sponsored. I wanted to try Trunk Club and tell you about my experience!

What’s the Process?

I downloaded the app on my phone.  I took a quick quiz about my style, what my wardrobe needs, and my price range for items. I was then paired with a stylist who reviewed the quiz with me & asked some questions to get a better idea on what I was looking for. She then created my trunk 🙂 from that point I was able to review my trunk & yea or nay things. If they were a nay, I could request a replacement OR say send only yea items. You also get to include details as to why you choose nay. You’re charged 25 when your trunk ships. You’re not charged for the items you keep until you “check out” and mail your trunk back.

Top 1, Skirt 1

Surplice Sweater

Chelsea28    |    Red Tannin    |    XS    |    79.00

I really liked the Chelsea28 items.  The quality and fit were so nice.  This top could totally be dressed up for work/church/dinner – you name it!  It’s the sisterhood of traveling pants for tops!  That price though…

Snap Front Suede Miniskirt

BLANKNYC    |    Fawn    |    26    |    98.00

I really wanted to buy this skirt – it was just too expensive for me for what it was.  The fit and quality were great though!

Dress 1

Edith City Crepe

Gal Meets Glam Collection    |    Pink    |    0    |    178.00

I don’t know if you follow Gal Meets Glam, but if you don’t, you need to –  ASAP!  Julia Engel is one of my favorite bloggers – she’s so girly, feminine, beautiful, and spot on with everything she posts!  She started a collection that’s solely dresses & carried at Nordstrom & I’ve had my eye on this one (let’s be honest, they’re all beautiful).  I was SO happy to receive this dress in my trunk… And then I tried it on…  The fabric, amazing.  Color, amazing.  Price, SO worth it… I just didn’t feel my prettiest in it.  I am 5’3” & it was a little long on me.  The waist didn’t hit right where I felt it should hit either.   I’m sure I could have had it tailored, but for the price I don’t want to need anything done to it.  I shouldn’t have to.  I’ve tried on multiple dresses of hers at Nordstrom Rack & I’ve run into the same problem.  She DOES sell some dresses in petite sizes & I’m sure once I find one to try on I’m going to want them all.


Rosalee Bootie

Jeffrey Campbell    |    Taupe Suede    |    6.5    |    164.95

These boots were cuter online than they were on my feet – and that might be partially because they were a little big.  For a trendy item, I’m not as willing to spend so much so for me – these were a no go.

Dress 2

Fit & Flare Midi Dress

Eliza J    |    Blue    |    XS    |    118.00

This quality of this dress was really nice – very think & warm.  The dress was a little small on me so I ended up sending it back.  Perhaps I would have wanted to buy it more if I saw it on in the right size.

Top 2, Skirt 2

Tie Front Top

Chelsea28    |    Tan    |    XS    |    69.00

I really liked this top.  The fabric was my favorite style and I loved the way it fit.  It can be hard to find the right v-neck (I usually stray away from them solely for that reason).  Call me cheap, but I have a hard time spending more money on an item that no one would know the price of if they saw me wearing it – is it 35 from Nordstrom Rack? Or 69 from Trunk Club? I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I was put to the test!

Nadia Ruffle Miniskirt

Free People    |    Peach    |    2    |    51.00

I kept this skirt!  It was so flowy & girly! It just made me feel pretty.  The fabric was soft & the price was spot on – a couple days into reviewing my trunk the price of this skirt went down to 40.80.

Shoes 2

Irving Waterproof Wedge Bootie

Blondo    |   Black    |    6.5    |    99.95

These shoes fit great, they were super comfortable, and I thought the price was right.

Cardigan 1, Cardigan 2, Leggings 1

Asymmetrical Drape Collar Terry Jacket

Caslon    |    Heather Light Grey    |    XS    |    69.00

This jacket felt like a good jacket for when you want to be lazy, but not look lazy.  Once again, the shoulders hit me in a weird spot.  The quality of the fabric was nice.  The price tag on the item said 41 so it was confusing as to how much this item cost.

Kent Cardigan Sweater

Madewell    |    Heather Carnation    |    XS    |    98.00

I loved the fabric of this sweater.  Unfortunately the shoulders just hit me in a weird place & I couldn’t justify spending almost 100 on a sweater.

Faux Leather Moto Leggings

SPANX    |    Black    |    XS    |    110.00

Do you watch friends?  Have you seen “The One with All the Resolutions” AKA Ross & his leather pants… well, when I tried these on I felt like Ross Geller… I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.  They were super cute once on – just don’t be afraid to size up!… X2542

Top 3

Easy Volume Top

Something Navy    |    Black    |    XS    |    89.00

This top….. Oh this top… on me, it looked like something from a low-budget, high school production of Hamlet.  This top looked SO cute in the photo on my Trunk Club app but, I just couldn’t pull it off.

The Verdict…

I want to do another trunk to see if they get better. More in my price range, better fit, etc. I think it’s hard to pay for some of the items when I know I can get them cheaper at Nordstrom Rack. However, it is refreshing having someone style your wardrobe & have you try new things that perhaps you wouldn’t on your own. So, if you’re in need of some help in terms of dressing better – YES I recommend Trunk Club. If you’re on a budget & you relatively have good style, I would say wait to use trunk club when you have a certain item you’re looking for, like stock piling on dresses or expanding your layering game.

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