February Book Club

By Steph G.

For February, I wanted to share a lovely love story with you. This one quickly flew to the top of my favorite books of all time list….

A Million Junes by Emile Henry 

  • What’s It About: Jack (called June) O’Donnell has only ever lived by one rule: Stay Away from the Angert Family. She’s never questioned it….until she meets Saul Angert.  
  • For: Lovers of romance, mysteries, witty writing, and a little bit of magic
  • Pace: Even
  • Loved: You’re rooting for these two crazy kids to win! You want their love story to find it’s happy ending – even though it starts to seem impossible.
  • Didn’t Love: The last quarter of the book has a LOT of action, so I had to read a few parts several times to make sure I “got” everything. 

It’s a VERY satisfying read. Comment below if you’re going to read along with us! 

*This post uses affiliate linking. All opinions are my own*

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